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Is a warning light or fault code displaying?

If you see a warning light or encounter a fault code on your dashboard, we strongly suggest scheduling an appointment for a comprehensive review.

At C D Auto Locksmith & Diagnostic Specialists, we employ cutting-edge automotive diagnostic testing tools to effectively troubleshoot system alerts and diagnose engine warning lights, pinpointing issues in their early stages, preventing potential component failures. This can save you money and stress in the long run.

Following the diagnostic assessment, we can offer guidance on necessary repairs to resolve the issue, reset the engine management or warning light, and proactively prevent future damage.

Why get a diagnostic check?

A Diagnostic Inspection alerts you to any issues early on, ensuring peace of mind.

About the Diagnostic Inspection

Our diagnostic equipment is designed to inspect and identify faults with Engine management, electrical systems, Lighting systems, Emission systems, Tires, and more.

Brands we work with:

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