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Auto Locksmith Services

We are C D Auto Locksmith & Diagnostic Specialists, and regardless of your vehicle’s make or model, we’re here to assist you in any situation.

When you use our automotive locksmith services, you can rely on us for a dependable auto locksmith.

Locked out of your vehicle?

Our auto locksmith employs highly efficient tools to access your vehicle without causing any damage. If your vehicle’s doors have auto-locked with the keys inside, we can swiftly and safely unlock them for you.

Van Deadlock Unlocking

If your van is equipped with deadlocks or slam-locks, our auto locksmith can often skillfully unlock them, sparing you the expense of replacing the locks. In cases where this isn’t feasible, we’ll transparently discuss the process and associated costs before initiating any potentially destructive procedures.

Lost your car keys?

If you’ve misplaced your car keys, our auto locksmith services offer a rapid, effective, and non-destructive means of gaining access to your vehicle. Additionally, S&L Auto Locksmith can provide replacement keys for your car through cutting or programming a new one.

Car Lock Replacement

Should your circumstances necessitate it, our auto locksmith can replace your car’s locks and programme new keys. We can also ensure that the old keys are disabled.

Spare Car Keys

We offer two types of spare car keys:

  • Manual car keys, which operate the vehicle’s manual lock and are programmed to deactivate the immobiliser and start your car.
  • Remote car keys, equipped with the same functions as your existing key remote, including central locking and trunk unlocking.

Regardless of your vehicle’s make or model, we are your local auto locksmith solution for resolving car lockout situations. Contact us today.

Brands we work with:

Whether you’re locked out, just wanting a spare key, or your van is dead-locked, we can help! Call 07851076671